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New York based Designer and Artist Adelina Winfield, devotes much of her time collecting unique vintage clothing. This top notch designing beauty has used her keen eye for fashion, and her love for vintage clothing to create styles for popular retail businesses such as; Rocawear, EckoRed, Guess, Kids, and Disney Brands.

I am pleased to announce that Miss Winfield is our Fashion Blogger this month.

To find out more about Adelina and her vintage clothing treasures go to:

By, Adelina Winfield – Fashion Designer & Artist
Spoonbread VintEdge Style

Vintage clothing is all the rage these days and celebrities, as well as, models are often spotted ‘rocking’ their vintage
finds during their down time, or in between Red Carpet soirees. Well, you too can look fabulous in timeless elegant vintage treasures! Not to mention, the price tag can be easy on your wallet.

Here are some of the trends you can still ‘rock’ and look like a million for less:

• Plaid.
Really, does Plaid ever go out of style? It always creeps back in some shape or form each season-big or small, bright or subdued, argyle or tartan---plaid is here to stay.

Classic Menswear Looks:
Clean classic fashion never goes out of style, and you can always find an array of tailored designer jackets and suits in many thrift shops.

JanetFitBeauty Fashion

Leopard Prints:
Animal prints never go out of style. Leopard prints cover jackets, dresses, and footwear. Y
ou can either wear a leopard print accessory, or you can go for a head-to-toe look - Always a winning look. My shop:

Vintage 50s style Dresses:
For springtime or anytime, from the Red Carpet, to the office party, Hollywood glamour is here to stay. Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, and most recently the Mad Men series made this look popular. Bring out your inner Marilyn Monroe.
Adelina Winfield