Vanessa Werts Shares Dating Dilemmas & Her New Novel

The lovely Vanessa D. Werts is a single mother, a military veteran and a proud noveliest. She was gushing with excitement as she discussed the details of her new book, "Lies: Even love has it's casualties."

"This book is about relationship drama, and hurt feelings when two people become selfish, “Says Vanessa." She went on to explain that the book unfolds with fun and passion that crosses the line." "From my perspective, I feel this is a faith based book. Some people may not feel that way when reading the book, because the first thirty pages are about sex in a forbidden relationship," she went on to say. "God created sex, we wouldn't be here without it." Vanessa said that she wanted to create a book that would entertain, and at the same time heal with a message. One piece of dating advice that she gives is to maintain standards and values before, after, and during your date. To hear more of the interview with Vanessa Werts click links below and listen to the podcast..

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