Brand new for March 2020, Vitabrid C12 is introducing their Daily-C Balancing Cleansing Balm

by Jessica McCafferty Brennan
Brand new for March 2020, Vitabrid C12 is introducing their Daily-C Balancing Cleansing Balm. This daily facial sorbet/ cleansing balm melts into an oil to remove makeup & impurities. Its star ingredient, Vitabrid CG (stabilized, active Vitamin C), effectively absorbs surface wastes, sebum, & sweats, while gently exfoliating. It is currently 50% off (Now $24!) & is on rewardStyle.
Vitabrid C12 Launches Daily-C Balancing Cleansing Balm
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Formulated with a powerful proprietary blend of Vitabrid CG® (stabilized & active Vitamin C), this daily facial sorbet/ cleansing balm melts into an oil to gently, yet thoroughly, remove makeup and impurities. Applied to dry skin, it deeply cleanses without stripping away the skin’s moisture. As a result, this sorbet-to-oil cleansing balm strengthens the skin barrier for sensitive skin types, while gently exfoliating. Madecassoside further soothes and helps irritated complexions look healthier.

As a very first step to a skin antioxidant, its star ingredient, Vitabrid CG, effectively absorbs surface wastes, sebum, and sweats discharged from the skin, attracting chemical species such as NaCl (Sodium Chloride) and fatty acids in sweat and skin wastes from the nanopores. In return, Vitabrid CG releases Vitamin C into the pore by an exchange reaction which then penetrates into the dermis.

Along with this stabilized, active and proprietary form of Vitamin C, this special formulation contains Carydendron Orincense Seed Oil (Kahai Oil) to help fight against free radicals and support a healthy and balanced skin.

Key Ingredients

Vitabrid CG (Active & Stabilized Vitamin C) - Removes dead skin cells, brightens skin, improves elasticity, skin regeneration effect, helps to improve skin condition
Madecassoside / Centella Asiatica Extract – Strengthens the skin barrier, soothes, helps to provide collagen synthesis, skin regeneration
Carydendron Orincense Seed Oil (Kahai Oil) – 100% natural antioxidant enriched with protein, minerals, and vitamin F along with Retinol
Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract – Natural exfoliant while providing excellent moisturization
Caulerpa Lentillifera Extract – Detoxifies and purifies deeply into the pores
Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Extract – Purifies, soothes compromised, irritated skin, helps to improve skin condition
Mesembryanthemum Crystallinum Extract / Prunus Mume Fruit Extract – Skin repair, moisturizes the skin

1. Scoop a generous amount with the provided spatula.

2. Massage over dry skin with circular motions.

3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. *Note: Rinse spatula after each use.


$48 from

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CHI Lava Blow Dryer Offers Smooth Results

CHI Launches LAVA Volcanic Lava Ceramic Hair Dryer
The next big dryer innovation from CHI coming to ULTA Beauty April 2019

As the next big dryer innovation, CHI is proud to present the launch of the LAVA Volcanic Lava Ceramic Hair Dryer. Reducing drying time and producing a stronger air flow. Plus, the CHI LAVA Volcanic Lava Ceramic Hair Dryer comes with three locking attachments:

  1. Smaller Concentrated Nozzle – creates a precise airflow to provide a smooth blow-out
  2. Comb/Smoothing Nozzle - offers styling and straightening without a brush needed!
  3. Diffuser - disperses air evenly at the root area for volume while helping to form curls
Behind the Technology
  • VOLCANIC CERAMIC - The power of CHI Ceramic infused with volcanic lava derived from lava rocks provides gentle consistent heat during styling. This combination allows styling at lower than normal temperatures producing less damage to the hair while offering smooth, shiny results.
  • CHI CERAMIC – CHI’s signature Ceramic creates smooth looks by leaving hair frizz-free with reflective shine. It offers consistent heated plates producing smooth results on all hair types.
  • VOLCANIC LAVA - Volcanic powders derived from lava rocks offer extreme durability while acting as a great heat conductor. It produces ions infusing hair with shine.
$179.99 from ULTA Beauty starting April 22, 2019  Get social with us @chihaircare
by, Jessica McCafferty Brennan

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