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Jada Pinkett Smith & Karen Taylor Bass PR, Give Speeches That Empower, Encourage and Inspire

Lets start the New Year with thoughts and words that encourage and inspire one another. And, thats what Jada Pinkett Smith does as she speaks to a crowd at Moorehouse College. My friend Karen Taylor Bass, PR Expert, lives to lift and empower people with her words of positivity....Take a listen

CEO & Swim Pro Agnes Davis' Water Survival Tips

swimswimisay.comAgnes Davis Pro Swim Instructor
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Pro swim instructor Agnes Davis comes highly recommended. Her specialty is teaching special needs children how to swim. Davis says that there are an alarming number of adults that don't know how to swim. Listed below are a few safety survival tips. Click the link above to watch our informative interview.

1)Don’t panic. Floating on one’s back and treading water are great survival techniques; this allows the swimmer to conserve energy and be in a position to signal for help

2) Don’t dive into water. It’s dangerous since you can’t see the bottom of the water, and accidents can happen including serious spinal injury

3) Trust the help. Lifeguards are an important part of water safety. Only swim where lifeguards are present

4) Get a buddy. Swimming is more fun when you have a partner, please don’t swim alone

5) Invest in lessons. Swimming lessons, as noted by the Center of Disease Control, is the best prevention against drowning and staying safe

For additional information about swim swim swim I SAY (, and to book Agnes Davis as a speaker or schedule an interview, contact Karen Taylor Bass,, 917-509-3061.

Radio/TV Host Indy Smith Speaks Candidly - Her Book, Being A Dominatrice, And The Best Relationships


Author, Relationship Expert Indy Smith talks frankly about the ups and downs of her career, her book and relationships. Indy even gives us 'food for thought' as to wheither or not you are even in the right relationship. Take a listen...