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Dionne Warwick Lifetime Music Awardee Back, And At Her Best

Dionne Warwick talks candidly about self-love, her music and what keeps her going. 

CHI Lava Blow Dryer Offers Smooth Results

CHI Launches LAVA Volcanic Lava Ceramic Hair Dryer
The next big dryer innovation from CHI coming to ULTA Beauty April 2019

As the next big dryer innovation, CHI is proud to present the launch of the LAVA Volcanic Lava Ceramic Hair Dryer. Reducing drying time and producing a stronger air flow. Plus, the CHI LAVA Volcanic Lava Ceramic Hair Dryer comes with three locking attachments:

  1. Smaller Concentrated Nozzle – creates a precise airflow to provide a smooth blow-out
  2. Comb/Smoothing Nozzle - offers styling and straightening without a brush needed!
  3. Diffuser - disperses air evenly at the root area for volume while helping to form curls
Behind the Technology
  • VOLCANIC CERAMIC - The power of CHI Ceramic infused with volcanic lava derived from lava rocks provides gentle consistent heat during styling. This combination allows styling at lower than normal temperatures producing less damage to the hair while offering smooth, shiny results.
  • CHI CERAMIC – CHI’s signature Ceramic creates smooth looks by leaving hair frizz-free with reflective shine. It offers consistent heated plates producing smooth results on all hair types.
  • VOLCANIC LAVA - Volcanic powders derived from lava rocks offer extreme durability while acting as a great heat conductor. It produces ions infusing hair with shine.
$179.99 from ULTA Beauty starting April 22, 2019  Get social with us @chihaircare
by, Jessica McCafferty Brennan

Robert Bell of Kool & The Gang on ReBranding, Luxury Champagne, New Music and Much More

Robert Kool Bell gets candid about staying relevant, his new music, and reinventing.

Legendary Balladeer Jeffrey Osborne Is Back With New Music - And His Take On Healthy Living

Jeffrey Osborne shares his fun and frustrations with former band members LTD, the loss of George Duke, loving a healthy lifestyle and his new music. End Of Interview Includes Bonus Track

Ginalisa Monterroso CEO & Founder of Medicare and Medicaid Advisory Group, Gives Urgent Insurance Policy Awareness Info

Ginalisa Monterroso CEO & Founder of Medicare and Medicaid Advisory Group, Gives Urgent Insurance Policy Awareness Info. Ginalisa is passionate about sharing and helping others to understand the ins and outs of their Medicaid and Medicare insurance policies. Plus, A Refresh and De-stress Moment at the End.

Pet Expert Debra Smith Talks Critical Do’s & Don’t’s For Cats & Dogs

They say that pets can be mans’ best friend - Then you will definitely want to listen to this Podcast on caring for your pet. This is a Great Podcast for those that are thinking of getting a cat or a dog. Or, perhaps you've been a pet owner for awhile; well, you will still be fascinated by what Veterinarian Debra Smith has to say.... Take a listen

Jada Pinkett Smith & Karen Taylor Bass PR, Give Speeches That Empower, Encourage and Inspire

Lets start the New Year with thoughts and words that encourage and inspire one another. And, thats what Jada Pinkett Smith does as she speaks to a crowd at Moorehouse College. My friend Karen Taylor Bass, PR Expert, lives to lift and empower people with her words of positivity....Take a listen

CEO & Swim Pro Agnes Davis' Water Survival Tips

swimswimisay.comAgnes Davis Pro Swim Instructor
Watch Agnes Davis Interview Live on JanetFitBeautyNewsTV/Youtube:

Pro swim instructor Agnes Davis comes highly recommended. Her specialty is teaching special needs children how to swim. Davis says that there are an alarming number of adults that don't know how to swim. Listed below are a few safety survival tips. Click the link above to watch our informative interview.

1)Don’t panic. Floating on one’s back and treading water are great survival techniques; this allows the swimmer to conserve energy and be in a position to signal for help

2) Don’t dive into water. It’s dangerous since you can’t see the bottom of the water, and accidents can happen including serious spinal injury

3) Trust the help. Lifeguards are an important part of water safety. Only swim where lifeguards are present

4) Get a buddy. Swimming is more fun when you have a partner, please don’t swim alone

5) Invest in lessons. Swimming lessons, as noted by the Center of Disease Control, is the best prevention against drowning and staying safe

For additional information about swim swim swim I SAY (, and to book Agnes Davis as a speaker or schedule an interview, contact Karen Taylor Bass,, 917-509-3061.